The Perfect Daisy

Alright, so Carey Mulligan is Daisy in the new reincarnation of the Great Gatsby. She barely scrapes the surface of who I imagined to play the lovely debutante and apple of Jay Gatsby (aka Leonardo DiCaprio)’s eye. She may very well slam dunk the role of a lifetime (oops, still haven’t seen it), just as she apparently did in her audition (get it, girl). However, to aid in my far too frequent debates with baby sister on who would best portray Daisy, I have assembled a short-list of eligible actresses.


Let me just begin by saying that I totally “get” the decision to cast an actress out of right field. An unknown. A clean slate. Someone who doesn’t deflect from the 1-2 Hollywood powerhouses (if you count Tobey McGuire as “relevant”) that have already signed on. With that in mind, I present my top contender, Teresa Palmer. Aside from one off-the-wall comedy called “Take Me Home Tonight,” I could not tell you what this woman has done with her life as an actress. Regardless, in my completely superficial world where talent means very little, and physical mirroring of my imaginary Daisy is heavily weighted, Teresa Palmer wins the pot. She also may or may not look eerily similar to a celebrity with whom I am completely infatuated (its embarrassing — you probably shouldn’t click here).




Again, relatively unknown, but in this instance I can actually vouch for her talent: Kate Mara. If you want to go down a lengthy internet wormhole, I would strongly suggest looking up the Mara family. They pretty much own the United States, if the US was reduced to major league sports teams. Thats all I’m going to give away, because it is a worthwhile trip through Wikipedia that I don’t want to spoil for you. Anyway, if you can think of Kate with blonde hair, and can also think of her pulling it off (which I simply cannot), please do so now:




Now, if we can all, as a nation, forgive and forget Reese Witherspoon’s recent scuffle with the po-po, and also pull something of a Little Mermaid on her so as to take away her voice (just the unbearable accent), she’d be a shoe in for me. It is SO easy to imagine her as Daisy, as you can clearly see for yourself:


Brittany Snow. Please don’t ask me to explain why. I can’t put her perfection into words. Its borderline disgusting how adorable she is (the last pic is mainly a homage to pre-abs Zac Efron):


Since none of my top picks edged out Ms. Mulligan, I’ll just continue pretending that Brittany and Anna (Kendrick) are singing this to me as consolation:

Who would YOU have chosen for the part?


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Daisy

  1. Kate Mara would have been an interesting choice, but as much as I hate to say it I think Reese Witherspoon is a little too old. I likes Carey Mulligan as Daisy, but I think Michelle Williams would have been really lovely in the role. She was so perfect in My Week with Marilyn.

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