A merry inbox to you

I’d say roughly 95% of my daily emails are complete garbage that I don’t even take the time to open. Sound familiar? If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken the cautionary steps to weed out spam messages and opt out of the 11 billion Democratic candidate emails that you enthusiastically signed up for last October. Yet, there are still some rogue intruders that manage to infiltrate all blocks, all opt-outs, and all cries for inbox sanity. Sadly, I can’t help you out with the perpetual barrage of junk mail, but I can suggest a couple things that will merry-up your inbox in no time!

1) Notes from the Universe

This is exactly what it sounds like: every week day, you’ll receive a message from the Universe. They range from wise, to silly, to life-affirming notes straight from the source (okay, they are actually composed by a guy named Mike Dooley, but lets pretend its the Universe). Sometimes short, sometimes long. Always a sweet way to wake up. Sign up for your daily dose here: http://www.tut.com/account/register

2) Buddha Doodles

If you’re a bit more visual like me, try subscribing to Buddha Doodles. Each day, a beautiful sketch (often depicting an adorable Buddha) and quote/piece of advice will be delivered to your inbox. The path to enlightenment: http://buddhadoodles.com/free-updates/

PS you can buy prints online:



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