Thriftshop for the conscientious bookworm

I have one word for the prolific reader with a soft-spot for previously loved things:

When a co-worker introduced Thriftbooks to me way back when, I couldn’t believe that it was such a hidden treasure. Every single person I’ve mentioned the site to are: A) completely ecstatic and B) absolutely in the dark prior to my introduction. Here are just a few of the incredible perks of shopping at

1) PRICE – obviously, if you are consuming literature at a rapid pace, you’re eventually going to outspend your “book budget.” Sure, you can dig through used book stores and hope to stumble onto a title you recognize, but the price still isn’t going to match Thriftbooks. At roughly $4.00 for virtually any paperback you can think of, this site is perfect for frugal readers.

2) FREE SHIPPING – ya’ll. Its been three years since my first purchase in 2010, and they have yet to impose a shipping fee. This means big savings when you compare to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and a myriad other online sellers.

3) DISCOUNTS – every couple of weeks, I receive a little coupon code by email. The occasions change from Earth Day promotions to discounts in honor of an obscure author’s birthday. No matter the reason, 10% (or more) off of an already cheap shopping cart is pretty incredible.

4) BONUS DISCOUNTS – Thriftbooks is a consortium of used bookstores around the country. If you happen to select two books from the same bookstore, you automatically get 50 cents off. I normally don’t break my back for these guys, but when acquired, they chisel even more off your total.

5) BOOK BUNDLES – If you want to explore a new genre or trilogy, this deal is for you! Thriftbooks curates a list of book bundles (usually in groups of threes) that are a fraction of the cost for purchasing each book separately. Where else can you find the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for $9.49? Mind blowing.


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