God’s biggest (and best) mistake

The corgi. A wondrous jumble of fur, antennae ears, gigantic smiles, voluptuous tushies, and stubby legs. They don’t make any logical sense, and yet, they are indescribably perfect in every way. While the internet world is rightfully ape-shit crazy over corgis, I have to say that the only person who loves corgis as much as I do is the Queen of England, who has owned a rotating herd of them for her entire life. Lest we forget their majestic cameo at the the 2012 summer olympic games’ opening ceremony:

The corgi has earned much acclaim in recent years, bringing many deserving pups into the digital spotlight. However, with all due respect for each and every one of these doggishly handsome celebrities, the ultimate A-list corgi is undoubtably Sutter Brown.

Sutter is the dog-child of California Governor Edmund (aka Jerry) Brown, a progressive guy who served the same political position back in the last millenium, and had the cajoles to re-immesh himself in the cluster that is CA economic downfall. Serving since 2011, and previously handling roles as Secretary of State (no big deal), Mayor of Oakland, yadda yadda yadda, it is pretty clear that Jerry’s finest moment came in 2010 when he adopted Sutter.

This waddling heartbreaker is all over the campaign trails, barking out the vote, supporting key issues, giving kisses (exhibit A), and attending crucial meetings (exhibit B).

Exhibit A:


Courtesy of Sutter Brown’s Facebook page

Exhibit B:


Courtesy of Sutter Brown’s Facebook page

He’s part of his dad’s official website, operates an active Twitter account, and posts regularly on his own Facebook page.

I can’t really deal with Sutter as a concept because it is all too overwhelming. But in the spirit of sharing every bright and beautiful thing in my life, please do yourself a favor and get to know Sutter, a corgi after my own heart.

Courtesy of Sutter Brown's Facebook page

Courtesy of Sutter Brown’s Facebook page


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