Stop in order to start


September signifies, for many people, the end of dog-days and leisure. Once Labor Day has come and past, calendars seize with commitments and plans, and before you know it, snow drips from the skies and the world slows. To be sure, I enjoy most everything there is about autumn, being the New England transplant that I am. However, before the pumpkin patches, apple pickings, and haunted hayrides, September serves as a perfect respite from the manic alter-ego that overtakes me every summer.

Basically, September helps me stop in order to start.

I’m spending this month calibrating my life, my priorities, and my goals. Though emotionally tough, this introspection is what my soul thrives upon, and what I believe to be an essential piece in finding happiness. It turns out that I’m not the only one ready to step back a little. Last month, at least one of my health-nut friends took part in Whole 30, which is like going paleo, but on steroids. Over at Considering You, the September RESET Challenge has officially commenced (starting today – its not too late to throw in your hat!), and its much more my speed.

What helps you stop, reflect, and grow?

Bonus: Read about the happiest place in the whole wide world. (I’ll vouch for them)


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