Is Mercury In Retrograde?

If the world seems all kinds of messed up lately, you can attribute at least part of the insanity to Mercury (you don’t have to, but why not blame it on an inanimate object?). It’s suggested that sorting through old baggage and clearing way for new beginnings is a constructive use of Mercury’s retrograde. A time to dig out those skeletons and work through the pain, anger, and stress that’s accumulated inside of you.

Is Mercury in retrograde?

Lately, I’ve felt caught in an inescapable quarter-life crisis, unable to make decisions to better my life, and instead, accepting the pattern thats kept me placid for months. It all came to a tipping point a few weeks ago when I went into panic mode, even more imprisoning and debilitating than my former state of inertia. I decided to sit with my anxiety, a purgatory that forced me to slow my breath, think through my fears, and emerge with a plan and a sense of control. I spent two days reconsidering before finally setting into motion a significant life change.

Whether Mercury has anything to do with the clarity I gained is one thing, but in all sincerity, the notion of sifting through the rocks in order to find your gem is one I firmly stand beside. I read once that breaking yourself into pieces is the best way to put yourself together. If there’s a problem that you’ve been pushing away, why not plunge into the murky waters and force yourself to swim? It won’t be pretty at first, but it might make you feel a little better.



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