What success means + more!

Top pick…
A real life example of doing what you love and re-envisioning what success means (hint: its not numerical).

What I’m reading…
Lest I forget to tell you on a weekly basis how much I adore Pope Francis, here’s what he’s doing now.

Follow in the footsteps of smart people by reading what they’re reading.

Star Wars and Myers Briggs together in beautiful harmony.

The Canadian arctic is apparently similar enough to mars that the Mars Society is assembling a research team to spend a year there. You could be on this team. Applications due by Nov 30th.

What I’m learning…
Code for free!

Some “healthy” foods are misleading us all.

What I’m eating…
Peppermint bark is over-rated (yeah I said it), but this gingersnap alternative will make your mouth water.

I made super easy crockpot vegetarian quinoa chili this weekend and it was baller. Recipe here.

One day left to get a $10 Starbucks gift card for just $5.

What I’m watching…
New Girl episodes from season one (Netflix, baby).

Ron Burgundy? Actually, Paul Burgundy just stole my heart.

Hands down the cutest screen-cleaner for your computer.

What I’m listening to…
Triggerfinger recorded a stellar cover of I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li.

Wrecking Ball on repeat. Can’t help it.

How I’m feeling good…
A button that makes everything better.


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