Name the panda cub + more!

Top pick…
Have you ever wanted to name a sweet little panda cub? Time to cast your vote!

What I’m reading…
Platonic touch is missing in the lives of men; but why? The Good Men Project takes a look.

If you’re getting psyched for Girl Meets World, read up on Cory (Ben Savage) and his take on the new show. And if you ever doubted my profound love of Boy Meets World, this might change your mind.

No man is an island, but apparently you can own one for about the cost of an NYC apartment.

I haven’t hit the “why is a baby at this party?” stage yet, though I feel it creeping up on me!

What I’m learning…
The incredible history of Jewish immigration to Japan during WWII.

We’ve all heard of Sub-Saharan Africa, but have you heard of the Sahel? ME NEITHER!

What I’m eating…
Insanely delicious 3 ingredient pumpkin cake with a simple syrup glaze. Whip it up for an easy Thanksgiving treat.

What I’m watching…
Catching up on the Walking Dead. Can you believe I’m only on season two?

How I’m feeling good…
Spending a Saturday with some of my favorite people.


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