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Many awesome things have happened in the last four months…

I was accepted into graduate school (yipee!)
I went on a cross-country road trip (life-long dream of mine)
I booked a roundtrip flight to Costa Rica (more on that later)
I left my 9-5 desk job

There’s a lot of “I” statements happening with me lately, but here’s why I don’t feel guilty about it. I’ve been in self-sacrificial mode for a long time. Honestly, when I’m not somehow going out of my way to help something/someone else, I have the tendency of feeling inadequate as a human being. While there’s so much to be said about offering oneself for the benefit of others, I’m establishing another important lifestyle for myself; one of caring and feeding my body, mind, and soul first.

This new trajectory started about a week ago. It involves, among other things, a conscious effort to know myself on a deeper level by:

Treating my body to the rest and sleep it requires
Delving into an exercise regimen that is fulfilling and consistent
Cooking and purchasing whole foods, and specifically, eliminating sugar from my diet

Those are the three basic lifestyle changes that I’m prioritizing. Other activities, like meditating, reading, and experimenting with natural hygiene, are mixed into the pot, but they aren’t the main fare. My intent is to give these top three behaviors the time and energy to become second-nature, to become habit, and to follow me wherever I go.

I’m blogging about this process mostly as a way to reflect on each day and each week. If you’ve made a similar conscious decision to rewire and reinvigorate your life, I’d love to hear from your experiences. Thanks for reading!


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